Got my KitchenAid icecream maker attachment and threw and ice cream party with 20 people. Choose from 'cracked' to extra-fine consistency. It's not just functional, it's a gorgeous appliance. I'm dedicated now and won't have anything else in my kitchen! Love this mixer! Wish there was a cookbook that came with it, would be very helpful!!!! I thought it might be difficult to clean but it isn't at all! I just received my KitchenAid grain mill in the mail today and was very excited to try it out. I always wanted a kitchen aid mixer. After burning or having trouble with three other brands, I have made more than 10 pizzas, 38 cakes and lots of frostings on my new equipment (without the fear of burning it because of it's 1HP motor). Bought one month ago. Also, if you don’t have a Stand Mixer, you’ll need to get one because you can’t use this KitchenAid Mill Attachment without it. Love all my kitchen aid appliances. Verified Buyer, Posted on (Although the odds you’ll ever need the warranty are slim.). The 3/4" bar can prevent rotation around the first axis, but over time could bend/break the aluminum. Best purchase I've made. I like the fact that in could be modified to be driven manually if the need ever arose for it. I am really happy with the way this item works!!!! Looking forward to using it a lot more in the future. Clean-up takes just a little time and effort, but you don't have to wash it each time, so it's no problem whatsoever. The only one that has. I absolutely LOVE this mixer. We like the efficiency and very quiet. I totally thought I would be returning it. I got this for Christmas this year and it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. The. Love it! I would always recommend them to anyone and everyone!! KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl-Lift … What a great gift! Mastering Baked Bread was on my Bucket List. We absolutely love all of the features, especially the pop out crumb trays so effortless to clean and being able to toast everything from perfect bagels to the best toast we've ever had. Add a review Cancel reply. A great way to make raw pet food! Glad I held out for the 7-Quart mixer. KitchenAid. It's really sturdy and made with good quality materials. It makes triple batches of chocolate chip cookies with ease. It is so helpful. Not sure why I was sent a link to review this. Works great and the price was right for a chopper that performs very well, I BROUGHT THE KITCHEN AID BLENDER ABOUT A FEW MONTHS AGO, AND I HAVE TO SAY IT'S THE BEST BLENDER I EVER HAD, IT CHOPPED UP A WHOLE ORANGE, I LOVE IT I WILL BUY NOTHING BUT KITCHEN AID PRODUCTS I LOVE ALL THE ONES I GOT. What I like most of all is the ability to add on other accessories to accomplish other tasks with out having to use another appliance. I am so thrilled that i finally got my KitchenAid.How i ever lived without it....... Great product! I bought this over 6 months ago and have been extremely pleased. This all-metal attachment grinds wheat, oats, corn, rice, and other low-moisture, low-oil grains. They can grind meat. Attach the front plate, making sure the adjustment knob is properly seated on the front of the shaft, then double check everything. Buy it if you want a great addition to your kitchen. I received my pro mixer for my birthday and I absolutely love it! KitchenAid has been making top quality home appliances for decades, and this Grain Mill Attachment is yet another example of their commitment to getting things right. Too bad it's been only a month! ... Just used my Mockmill Kitchenaid attachment for the first time – this thing is great! Once I let it cool off, I turned the dial two steps away from extra-fine and tried again. We are pals!!!! It is so easy to clean after you use it and I love that. cannot believe this works as well as it does!!!! First of all, the grain mill itself is a very solid product (except for the screwdriver on the back of the cleaning brush). In fact, you can use this for low-oil, low-moisture grains. Great mixer-though I wish the bowl would not tip over so much when it's away from the mixer. This all-metal mill allows you to easily grind wheat, oat, corn, rice, or other low moisture and low oil grains. 5/27/15, Posted on I bought my stand mixer a few months ago and love it...the color choices are a lot and they all look great ...I got lime green and very different and pretty.... i love it, he makes fresh food so easy to prepare and is also easy to clean. I absolutely love my 4 slot toaster. I jumped on this when it was on sale on cyber Monday - and I am thrilled that I did. I bought kitchen aid and it made my life so easy .i do other chores while machine making dough for me. Don't know why I waited so long; next up is Bread! The products are durable and sturdy for the years of use. 10. Makes making your own flour really easy. Twelve grind consistency settings from cracked to extra-fine. I hope you enjoy as much as I do! I love all my KitchenAid purchases. The flavors from freshly ground grain have been superior. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 279.00. The perfect addition to my kitchen and cooking devices! Rating: 97%. 10/20/16, Posted on You can use corn, oats, and wheat. I luv my mixer. Love the bright red color. My wife is an avid cooker and has gone through several appliances. Assembling the unit is easy if you follow the enclosed instructions carefully. I finally got it in December and it was the best thing I have ever bought. The spline end was not machined properly, did not fit. good ,reliable unit product, easy to use ,it may need more power. All of my cookies and recipes turn out great with this mixer! It makes mixing things so fast and easy, and I can churn out a batch of cookie dough in five minutes. This is an excellent product for grinding my grains for gluten-free bread. I received a 5.5 qt mixer as a Christmas gift from my honey. All Metal Construction this KitchenAid Grain Mill attachment grinds wheat, oats, corn, rice, and other low-moisture, low-oil grains. Sad! $199.99. KitchenAid® All-Metal Grain Mill Attachment Reg. love using this to make my own corn tortillas! Nonetheless, it's worth the extra cost for getting a mixer that has all stainless steel attachments. I only regret is that I wish I would have bought this item sooner. Another great Kitchenaid product. As we mentioned above, the KitchenAid Grain Mill KGM is not dishwasher safe.

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