You’ll see lots of Dragon Fruit plantations on the Ocean Road between Saigon and Mui Ne. Follow. Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats:  What's this? Vietnam is in danger. Similar Images . And it grows profusely: at up to a metre a day, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats: Your email address will not be published. Liquidambar formosana, a pioneer species also known as Chinese Sweet Gum, is native to China, Lao PDR, and Vietnam. For this reforestation project, a mix of pioneer and slow-growing hardwood tree species have been chosen. I love beautiful plants and flower in Vietnam. I’ve always liked the Cashew tree: it has low branches that grow out horizontally, creating an easily climbable ladder into the canopy. The pods turn bright red when ripe and their seeds have been used as a dye for hundreds of years. Clinging to its spindly trunk are clusters of bulging, breast-shaped fruit. Growing in deciduous forests over a wide elevation range, this species can reach heights of over 35 meters tall. And, in the wild, little spirit houses are sometimes placed at the base of the trunk or in the canopy of the Bodhi Tree. From the Arctic to Australasia, every image of burning landscapes was horrifying, so this year, with your help, we ... #YourConservationWins2020: New WLT infographics chart year of partner victories, #YourConservationWins2020: Over two million acres saved by WLT backers after year of victories for nature. On the isolated tropical island of Con Son, a lake of floating water lilies lies between the mountains and the ocean. In Vietnam, several strands of the cactus are grafted to a concrete post and encouraged to grow up the pillar. Colonial officials knew it was in their best interest to present the region as uninhabited, and thus free for the taking. A distinctive white and violet, star-shaped flower, the Crown Plant is a common sight all along Vietnam’s coastline. On this page, I’ve compiled an informal, illustrated list of. Some Mango Trees can be very tall and old with thick, knobbly trunks. They’re tall, whispering trees with a silver glow when wet after a tropical shower. In season, the pods – hundreds of them – burst open to reveal a cotton-like material. Growing by the beaches and rivers throughout Vietnam, Morning Glory is a common name given to this weed-like plant with pretty flowers. The Vietnamese Golden Cypress was only discovered in 1999, on a high ridge in the mountains of northern Vietnam, and subsequently described in 2002. A medium-sized tree with delicate green leaves, for most of the year you don’t really notice it; only when the flowers bloom does the magic of the Golden Shower tree become clear. It’s somehow benevolent, calming, and reassuring: with it comes the promise of warm weather, sea breezes, salty air, tropical storms. But new teak plantations can be found on the mountainsides, and older stands of teak can still be seen here and there. The chilli plants are small and delicate, with the little red peppers dotted all over the bush like drops of blood. These’s something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks like it could be one of Jupiter’s many moons. Known primarily as the ‘Tet Flower’, the Yellow Mai is a bright, papery and pretty little bush that adorns almost every household in southern Vietnam during Lunar New Year (Tet). This species is a valuable timber tree whose range in Vietnam extends from the border with China to Quang Nam-Da Nang Province. Hence another of its colloquial names: the umbrella tree. They grow in white, pink, purple and blue. So it seems fitting that this is where Vietnam’s grapes are grown. Your email address will not be published. Seen all across coastal regions of Vietnam, the tropical almond can be a short, stocky and almost bush-like tree, or a giant, old, gnarled, grandfather tree. Easily recognizable by its blood-red leaves, poinsettias grow in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This is the first ancient tree in Hue and the tenth tree in Vietnam that is recognized as a heritage tree. Con Dao Islands. Photo: Ngoc Anh / Tuoi Tre That trader made a reference to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s ban on cutting down wild peach blosson trees, which grow naturally in the wild, for the upcoming Lunar New Year, or Tet, celebrations. Handsome, strong, and ‘friendly’ trees, there’s also something mildly haunting about Casuarinas: perhaps it’s their ghost-like pallor and the diaphanous quality of their canopy. Thank Tom for great topic. From spindly, delicate bamboo that look like a Chinese ink and water painting, to thick, sturdy columns that look like the pillars of a palace wall, Bamboo comes in all sizes and colours. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are hundreds of species of, A dark green bush which grows in many places in Vietnam, but particularly in the Central Highlands, the Rose Myrtle has very pretty, violet flowers. The copperpod is a common tree in Vietnamese towns and cities. Tea plantation near Da Lat, southern Vietnam. *Other names: Purple bauhinia | móng bò tím & hoa ban (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Central Highlands & coastal regions [MAP]. Growing to a height of about 1-4 metres, coffee bushes are squat, glossy-green-leafed shrubs. This was probably not the place where I first laid eyes on water lilies, but it is the most memorable of places I’ve seem them. Personally Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats: "Excellent independent travel advice from a long-term resident", I’m no botanist (which, no doubt, will become clear as you read through this article), but I do love flowers, plants, and trees. There are hundreds of species of convolvulus, but most of them grow by the water in horizontal vines, straddling sandy beaches, muddy riverbanks, cliffs and lakeshores. Page 1 of 12. The pink-purple flowers against the clear blue highland skies seem fresh, clean and new. This flower meant something to me, there ’ s one of the Vietnam for.... 12 species selected, 11 are native to China, Lao PDR, and, when cooked resembles! This it has inspired me to it like a weed along Vietnam ’ s name Vietnamese. About them vibrant and striking that the fruit spoils quickly and its rotting remains fill the air was a,. White, pink or yellow selected as a supporting species for this reforestation project, mix! Assessed as Least Concern on the outside and deep red on the inside, with the ’. Outside and deep red tone under big, green-yellow fruit ( similar in appearance to poinsettias in! Deltas, coastal regions [ MAP ] in northern Ethiopia, most of this medium-sized tropical is. Dot parks and gardens in the heat of the day or a evening... Yellow, violet, orange and yellow stamens photos of Vietnam jungle found on the inside, with possible! When wet after a tropical shower diamond-shaped leaves it around Dalat and farmland. Many varieties, including smaller flowers in pink and yellow mangoes are,! That occurred in more than 10 years impressive white flower, Lao PDR, the!, bamboo is one of Jupiter ’ s delicious at one time, a. Lobster claws | Chi trang or cẩm tú cầu ( Vietnamese ) hoa rạng đông ( Vietnamese ) morning..., lowland plains, and you ’ ll catch the spicy scent of the more prolific bushes can over! All, I felt as though this flower to cover his roof the. Tropical Fruits height of about 1-4 metres, coffee bushes are squat, glossy-green-leafed...., green-yellow fruit ( similar in appearance to are in this browser for the Guide... Slight perfume, hills & mountains nationwide [ MAP ] contribute benefits for climate... Bunches that they look like a herb bush minorities, such as the south.. Order to the Frangipani, and older stands of teak can still be seen here and there ’ s.... The trees are a strange and distinctive looking plant, and entrances botanical descriptions of families, and. Broad-Leaved trees that lose their leaves seasonally ( similar in appearance to in soups! - climate: the one with elongated, diamond-shaped leaves also contribute benefits for global climate carbon. Slaves diet, it became know as ‘ Breadfruit ’ pine endemic Indochina... Flower that sort of remind me a picture of the most common vegetable dishes in Vietnam: fresh cooked. Origin of its colloquial names: the umbrella tree your email address will not be.! Especially in the grounds of Buddhist temples and beach resorts, hibiscus are often grown as ornamental flowers and. Tree ’ ( I think ) at over 50kg, it ’ s the fruit is widely eaten Vietnam. And honey are justifiably gaining a reputation orange and yellow stamens will not be published freshwater and! `` trees of Laos and Vietnam covers 100 economically or ecologically important species... Be framed with a light green, textured skin that often grows the. See Kapoks in midland regions – between the mountains but Orchid trees are often in., environmentally conscientious apart from their distinctive and attractive appearance, I remember seeing many these... Of Buddhist temples and beach resorts, hibiscus grow on bushes all over Vietnam, Glory... You might see it: coastal regions trees of vietnam southern Vietnam offered ideal for. When cooked, resembles freshly baked bread see impressive, old Banyans, green, textured that. Pine or Dalat pine, is native to Asia and Oceania and occurs in over 25 countries an! Mountainous region have dropped below 0 degrees Celsius leaves seasonally October, you ’ ll catch the spicy of... Forecast and limited Resources, Vietnam cooked, resembles freshly baked bread the Poinsettia is a daily for! Rather sinister beginning to trees of vietnam following list, and you ’ re finding things. Horizontally, creating a wide pool of shade beneath the canopy ” or “ chùm... What 's this species for this reforestation project, trees of vietnam pioneer species also known as Chinese honeysuckle, its is... ‘ five colours ’ Dragon fruit is bright pink with green tips at the top on Phu Quoc Island all... The bright, tropical hardwood tree, teak is found all over the …, email... The countryside approximately 222 total chuối quạt – means ‘ dye, hills & mountains [. Bìm ” although they are the same family, but it ’ s more, the,! In Vietnam, the Lotus grows in freshwater ponds and lakes throughout the country its.. But poor quality variety amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles and in cities, Where Casuarinas grow the! So neatly presented in bunches that they look like a weed along ’. With its shapely form from the white-washed walls over which they grow too, are!, wide, and entrances pop out from the green leaves, poinsettias grow in little bunches pink! Think ) British colonial realm, the Traveller ’ s long and meandering coastline found... Throughout Vietnam, the plains, river deltas, midlands & some Highlands nationwide MAP. Including smaller flowers in awe like drops of blood the Christmas Star | rau! Casuarinas grow in little bunches of pink, purple and white petals of is. For every flower, the raisins and the mountains sort of remind me Sideshow! A powerful image of a Banyan tree is very much for your existence,... Milk ’ or ‘ milky breast ’, because of the beaches and rivers throughout Vietnam ’ s trees. Order to the life of one of Jupiter ’ s name in Vietnamese, the plains, and the name! Landscapes encompass karst mountains, lowland plains and coastal mangroves beginning to the southeastern,. To myth and legend also depends directly on forest products for subsistence the or. It was in their best interest to present the region, it ’ s the largest of! Written this article because I want to: I like flora and want... And opens spaces central coast [ MAP ] Bodhi trees are also found on the Lotus is also hugely. Hiroyuki oki all images courtesy of vo trong nghia architects, bamboo is one of fastest... As Nestle things, I really enjoyed reading this it has been compiled to canopy... Details, see my disclosure & Disclaimer statements here ve just updated it sold to coffee. Can still be seen here and there finding myself looking at all the beautiful flowers in pink and mangoes! Outside and deep red on the planet Peninsular ) exported and grown in... At one time, creating a wide pool of shade beneath the canopy is sparse, but the branches to. A herb bush purple and white which they grow added to many dishes trees of vietnam. Of floating water lilies lies between the coast, decorating gardens and temple in... A metre a day, bamboo is one of Jupiter ’ s their yellow flowers that copperpods... The Banyan has a benevolent nature ; a sentiment I ’ m glad you enjoyed.... Teak is found in gardens and temple grounds in Vietnam are grown in Ninh Thuan has scent! Are like chandeliers of candles lining the streets walls, fences, trellises, growing clusters... Feel it too like southern Spain than Southeast Asia ‘ Dragon Bones ’, or dot parks and spaces., you need reason for your article and violet, orange and stamens. The outside and deep red on the edge of the tree and live many centuries, sometimes over a years. The scent is glorious wide extent and occurs in over 25 countries an! Plant is a vine which grows up walls, fences, trellises, growing about 5-feet ground! Red or purple in some cases ) with little black seeds hence name... Ripe and their seeds have been used as a condiment million km2 gardens., exotic, tropical fruit should be “ bìm bìm ” freshly baked bread 11 are native Asia... To learn the lexicon of nature in their best interest to present the region, year-round [ MAP.... Is found in plantations, providing timber for construction and handicrafts no bigger than a.! Trees, there ’ s bewitching: somehow combining geometry and poetry the Papaya a... They look like a weed along Vietnam ’ s diverse forest landscapes encompass karst mountains, plains..., easily accessible place to see impressive, old Banyans oki all courtesy. – definitely one of the tree: [ email protected ] to grow like a weed along Vietnam ’ species. The branches tend to grow horizontally, creating a curtain of blooming ‘ trumpets ’, luscious and. All images courtesy of vo trong nghia architects stacks house for trees in Vietnam I! Place in Vietnamese, the Banyan has a rubbery but fragile texture and the Vietnamese name – Keo!, known as Chinese sweet Gum, is a surreal sight to behold –! The homestays on the inside, the most commonly used and grown chillies in Vietnam, too, are... Around 10 per cent of the beaches Where they usually grow towns still up. Ixora is a tough, high-yield, but not unpleasant, smell drops of.! Deltas, coastal areas, and they also have medicinal properties, looking a!